Your building, clean and secure!

Cleaning and security go hand in hand.


Pairing your security and your commercial cleaning services is smart!

ROY Security aims to meet the security service needs of clients for whom ROY Cleaning provides cleaning services. The security guards of our subsidiary ROY Security all have security guard training for the protection of commercial, institutional and industrial properties against theft, fire, vandalism and other unforeseen events, and all have a valid license issued by the Bureau de la Sécurité privée.

  • Integrated and complementary commercial cleaning services and security services
  • The easiest, fastest, most efficient way to manage the complete maintenance of your building, school, etc.
  • Security and cleaning services tailored to your business needs

At ROY Security, our security guards are known for providing reliable security services. Whether for site security assessment, enforcement, parking management or dispatch services for alarms and 911 calls, our security guards are trained to handle situations requiring a security intervention in a professional manner.
Our professional security guards are trained to protect our clients’ property and people while maintaining a secure work environment and reassuring staff and the public. Our security guards all have first aid and CPR training. They are also trained in preventive security and the assessment of potential threats and hazards that could compromise security in your establishment.
The security guards at ROY Security are all subject to a rigorous selection process, a thorough background check and intensive security guard training by certified instructors.

Optimization of resources, manpower and cost

Service supervision and quality control 

A trusted, driven, conscientious team
Your security. Our priority. 
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Security services

A range of security services to complement your building cleaning services:

Security Guard

You already trust our cleaning services team and you would like to benefit from preferential rates for one or more security guards in your establishment? Find out about our combined cleaning and security services. Do you need an on-call security guard as an occasional replacement? Call us now!

Security guard jobs

Looking for a security guard job? You want to serve our clients and honour the trust they place in us by providing them with workplace security? Apply now to work as a security guard at ROY Security! As a member of our team of qualified security guards, you will have to take the safety and security of our clients to heart.

Security guard training

At ROY Security, our security guards must undergo training that meets the highest industry standards. Candidates must have successfully completed the security guard training programs before being hired as a security guard by ROY Security.

Cleaning and security

To complement our comprehensive commercial cleaning services, ROY Security puts a team of security guards at your disposal for your protection and peace of mind. We give priority to our existing ROY Cleaning clients, providing security for their day-to-day activities and their company property through our customized security service.

Commercial building protection

Looking for a security guard to protect your business? Our security guards handle access control, alarm systems and customer service, and are trained in medical emergency response techniques like CPR and first aid. Our security guards are also trained to handle occupational safety (WHMIS) and manage difficult people in public establishments.

School security guard

Join the ranks of the educational institutions that have cut their manpower costs by using our combined commercial cleaning and security guard services. Is your school subject to strict occupational safety rules? Our security guards are trained to meet the high standards of schools.

They use our security services, too! 

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