At ROY, we passed the test of time by investing in our employees to create the best customer experience!

Attention to quality at ROY

A quality control program involving all staff is in effect at all ROY subsidiaries: ROY Professional Maintenance, ROY Technical Management, ROY Mobilis, ROY Post-Disaster Restoration and ROY Security. In addition, our work teams are subject to a program of thorough, periodic inspections. Depending on the nature of the mandate, depending on the nature of the mandate, the work will be subject to the following steps:

  • Planning of services
  • Execution of the work
  • Two levels of direct supervision
  • Quality control

Quality policy – ROY Cleaning

The desire of management and all employees to provide professional services is reflected in the adoption of various policies, including a Quality Policy in which ROY Cleaning, a ROY subsidiary, undertakes to:

  • Understand the clients’ needs
  • Help them express their needs in a professional manner
  • Charge a fair price for the services required
  • Provide those services promptly
  • Use the appropriate mechanisms to ensure that service rendered are consistent with the contractual requirements  

Other ROY Cleaning policies 

To ensure the quality of our services and provide a healthy work environment for all our employees, the ROY Cleaning subsidiary has established the following policies:

  • Equipment and Machinery Maintenance Policy
  • Environmental Management and Sustainable Development Policy
  • Employee Performance Appraisal Policy
  • Training Policy
  • Workplace Harassment Prevention Policy
  • Employee Health Policy 
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Employee training at ROY

To remain a leader in the field of commercial cleaning services, we invest heavily in a formal professional development program. We also have a training policy that includes a training plan to ensure that all our employees have the knowledge they need to do the job.
Specialized areas like medical laboratories, computer centers and hospital settings require the handling of sophisticated equipment and specific products. ROY’s staff has the training required to work securely in such environments.  
Compliance with WHMIS operating procedures (Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System).

Courses offered at ROY:

  • Introduction to ROY
  • Task training
  • Work methods – regular tasks based on establishment type
  • Work methods – occasional tasks
  • Security

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