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Emergency service, one-time housekeeping, staff contract replacement, and more!

The ROY Mobilis squad is a unique, well-established occasional staffing service of more than 200 employees available on call covering all aspects of the company’s expertise: cleaning, disaster recovery, building management, security and support for corporate events. Our Mobilis squad also includes specialized occasional replacement staff who can lend a hand when you are caught off guard. Mobilis draws on over 60 years of experience and a team of 1,500 employees across Quebec with one of the highest satisfaction rates in the industry.

ROY Mobilis: a dispatch team at your service! 

You need a backup carpenter, emergency cleaning in your building, a post-event clean-up, disinfection service, a post-disaster cleanup or post-construction spring cleaning of the disaster area your contractor left behind? Whatever your needs, ROY Mobilis can be there within 24 hours.


ROY Mobilis: we expect the unexpected. The team is on its way. 

Mobilis: The easiest, fastest, most efficient way to manage emergency or unforeseen situations in your building.
  • Services tailored to your needs, available within 24 hours
  • A squad of 200 people to provide emergency support for your teams
  • Full staff support and outstanding service 

On call 24/7

Service within 24h

A qualified, driven, conscientious team 
No matter what you need, we respond! 
Call us!

Mobilis services

A comprehensive regular cleaning service and a vast array of occasional cleaning services:

Commercial cleaning services

Does your building require commercial cleaning, industrial cleaning and building cleaning services? The ROY Mobilis team offers occasional cleaning services and temporary replacement cleaning staff to provide you with healthy spaces every day, even when an employee resigns. Spring cleaning services are also available on call.

Emergency services

Are you facing an unforeseen situation that you must deal with quickly, but lack the internal resources to do so? The Mobilis squad consists of 200 employees specialized in emergency cleanup, spring cleaning and post-disaster cleaning to repair damage from water, fire, smoke, or some other cause. We are masters of the steps to be taken for quick, effective emergency response!

Temporary replacement staff

Need to replace staff but short on internal resources? No problem! ROY Mobilis also has a staffing program to meet your needs for qualified personnel: carpenters, stationary engineers, cleaning staff, building system technicians, building caretakers, etc. Just ask, we’re there!


Members of the Mobilis team are experts in cleaning and disinfecting public establishments in accordance with Ministry of Health and Social Services standards. Our disinfection procedures control the spread of infection by disinfecting frequently touched surfaces like doorknobs, handrails, telephones, faucets, elevator buttons and counters contaminated by viruses or bacteria.

Carpet steam cleaning

In urgent need of carpet cleaning? The ROY Mobilis team also does carpet steam cleaning to dislodge bacteria, mites and nasty odours from your carpet fibres. Our emergency commercial cleaning teams are trained and equipped to provide a high-quality commercial carpet cleaning, fast!

Building technical management

Is your technical management team short-staffed? Mobilis can handle all aspects of commercial, institutional, government and industrial building technical management. We provide corrective and preventive maintenance, as well as integrated management of electromechanical systems and architectural elements, including groundskeeping and energy optimization. 

They use Mobilis, too! 

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