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ROY Cleaning is one of the largest cleaning service companies in Quebec. Using ROY’s commercial cleaning services is the simplest, fastest, most efficient way to manage your building cleaning needs. We offer customized services to address your company’s specific needs, ranging from regular cleaning to floor cleaning, carpet cleaning, window cleaning and industrial spring cleaning during the vacation or shut-down period. 

For over 60 years, ROY Cleaning has been gaining the trust of clients in a wide variety of specialized industries. No matter what your industry, the staff at ROY Cleaning can step in to provide cleaning services that meet your standards. 

ROY offers a range of integrated and complementary cleaning services for a diverse clientele:

  • Aluminum smelters, food processing plants, manufacturing industries
  • Small, medium and large companies, shopping centres and office buildings
  • Healthcare institutions and hospitals, CLSCs, CHSLDs
  • Pharmaceutical companies and medical laboratories
  • Universities, colleges, school boards
  • Hotels
  • High-technology companies, computer centres and clean rooms
Whatever the nature and size of your company, ROY Cleaning is a trusted partner for your building cleaning services.


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Our commercial cleaning services 

A comprehensive regular cleaning service and a vast array of occasional cleaning services :

Commercial cleaning services

ROY Cleaning specializes in commercial cleaning, industrial cleaning and building cleaning services. We are known for high-quality cleaning services. The ROY team offers daily cleaning services to provide you with healthy spaces every day, and spring cleaning services for top-to-bottom building cleaning.

Duct cleaning

You and your employees spend most of your time indoors, so air quality is a serious concern. Duct cleaning is crucial to preserving the quality of life of the people who use your building. This task should be outsource to a professional duct cleaner who can ensure that the dust and bacteria in your ventilation ducts are properly eliminated.

Window cleaning

ROY Cleaning is a commercial window cleaning and industrial window cleaning specialist. Whether you are looking for a one-time, seasonal or even high-rise window cleaning, our team of conscientious, dedicated professionals will make every window of your building sparkle.

Floor cleaning

The constant traffic in your hallways also circulates dust through your building. Daily floor cleaning is a must. ROY offers multiple commercial cleaning solutions for all types of surfaces. From office cleaning through the hallways to your conference rooms, ROY provides a complete cleaning service, day in and day out!

Floor stripping and waxing

Floor waxing can extend the life of your floors and greatly facilitate maintenance. Our cleaning teams can manage the entire floor maintenance process, from floor stripping through floor waxing to floor polishing, to give your floors a glossy, easy-to-maintain finish.

Carpet steam cleaning

The carpeting in your building collects dust and bacteria that affect the air quality in your workspaces. Carpet steam cleaning helps dislodge bacteria, mites and nasty odours from your carpet fibres. Our commercial cleaning teams are trained and equipped to deliver a high-quality commercial carpet cleaning service.

They use our commercial cleaning services, too! 

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