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Commercial, institutional and industrial building management 

ROY Maintenance is a leader in building management, technical management and building maintenance in Quebec.
Our mission is to help maximize the value of your real estate assets by offering comprehensive building technical management services that meet the highest industry standards, regardless of the size of your building.
With its extensive building technical management expertise, the multidisciplinary team at ROY Maintenance handles building maintenance, operation and technical management with the goal of:

  • Optimizing the comfort of occupants
  • Extending the operating life of you building’s electromechanical systems and architectural elements
  • Minimizing energy consumption
  • Maximizing environmentally-friendly practices and sustainable development based on green building criteria

As a one-stop shop, we guarantee that the value of your real estate assets will be optimized. Our win-win partnership will allow you the peace of mind you need to focus fully on your own corporate mission.

Enjoy fully supported, structured technical services that strive for excellence 

Increase the value of your building 

Access a turnkey integrated management service 
Optimize the value of your real estate assets while working
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Our building technical management services

ROY Maintenance offers maintenance services and integrated technical management of electromechanical installations and architectural elements for institutional, government, industrial and commercial clients. Our multidisciplinary expertise guarantees a full spectrum of integrated services related to building management and operation:

Technical personnel placement

Thanks to its vast pool of qualified personnel, ROY Maintenance offers a specialized technical personnel placement service for building technical management to fill permanent or temporary positions: stationary engineers, building systems technicians, technical services managers, building caretakers, etc. 

Integrated technical management - electromechanical systems

ROY Maintenance operates and manages corrective and preventive maintenance of heating systems, ventilation systems, air conditioning, fire protection, elevators, generators, water treatment systems and other building electromechanical system, in order to maximize the life of your buildings and minimize your costs.

Integrated technical management - architectural elements

ROY Maintenance also provides management and corrective and preventive maintenance of architectural elements. When it comes to your roofing, building envelope, wall finish, flooring or any other architectural component, our team is without question the most qualified to exceed your maintenance targets for your real estate assets.

Integrated technical management - grounds

ROY Maintenance oversees environmentally-friendly groundskeeping activities, ensuring a secure setting. Snow removal and green space maintenance work are carried out by experts in response to your needs and objectives and in keeping with our standards of excellence.

Preventive maintenance

ROY Maintenance sets up, operates and optimizes computer-assisted maintenance management (CAMM) programs that respond to your objectives, your budget and the features of your building. We perform a full inventory of the equipment to be maintained and define the procedures and maintenance intervals, all in accordance with CAMM standard practice.

Related services and project management

ROY Maintenance offers building management-related services such as: RBQ-compliant construction project management, management of service calls and customer service, energy savings program management, preparation of technical operating budgets and manuals, coordination of environmental certification and human resource management.

They use our building management services, too! 

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