The history of Services Ménagers Roy 

Guy Roy: founder, pioneer and entrepreneur with a vision 

Les Services Ménagers Roy was founded in 1954 by Guy Roy. At the time, building owners did their own cleaning, and it was a challenge to convince them to contract it out. Guy Roy won his first major contract, from Saint-Charles-Borromée hospital, in 1956, and left his salaried job to devote himself full-time to his nascent company. In 1969, Les Services Ménagers Roy moved to 2073 Rue Papineau in Montreal, and a year later the company won the contract for the entire University of Montreal. The company had 400 employees back then.

Expansion, modernization and prosperity under Jean-Yves Roy: a man of great causes!

The company started its operations in the Outaouais region so forcefully that many still believe it is native to the region. Then, in 1994, a contract from the University of Sherbrooke prompted it to open a branch in the Eastern Townships. Jean-Yves Roy was officially named president in 1998 after acting as executive vice president since 1977. The company had about 900 employees.

Julie Roy: a woman at the helm and a vision for the future

Two events marked the company’s entrance into the new millennium: first, the arrival in 2000 of Julie Roy (the future president) as SMR’s director of human resources, and second, the move to the current premises in Anjou that same year. In 2006, the company’s steady growth led to the creation of Groupe SMR, soon followed by subsidiaries Gestion Technique d’Immeubles Roy and Services Après Sinistre Roy on the basis of an agreement reached with GUS (Groupe Urgence Sinister).
In 2013, Jean-Yves Roy officially transferred the presidency to his daughter Julie. Her arrival was marked by company’s breakthrough into the downtown Montreal market. In addition to her vision of becoming Canada’s best employer by 2024, Julie Roy brought a new participatory management style to the company. The creation of the innovative ROY Mobilis services and the introduction of the Fusion HR Operations program marked a new era for the “Women Owned” company led by Julie Roy. Under her leadership, the company became ROY.

ROY: an innovative company that has marked Quebec’s entrepreneurial history 


Les Services Ménagers Roy is born

At the time, building owners did their own cleaning, and Guy Roy’s challenge was to convince them to contract it out to specialists. Guy Roy’s audacity has benefited all Québec entrepreneurs, because today very few companies consider doing their own cleaning. Indeed, it is more profitable for companies to outsource cleaning and focus on their own corporate mission.


The first union negotiations

Jean-Yves Roy joined the family business and was assigned a first major mandate: negotiations with FTQ Local 298, and of the collective agreement that gave birth to the 1975 decree. That decree led to improved working conditions for our employees and forced the competition to pay the same rates, whether unionized or not.


Section 45: still relevant

The future hung in the balance for Les Services Ménagers Roy, as the company appealed to Supreme Court for the interpretation of Section 45 of the Labour Code. The matter of Section 45 in subcontracting situations (since the Supreme Court judgment of December 22, 1988 in the C.S.R.O. (Commission Scolaire de la Région de l’Outaouais) case) is a case study used to this day in Quebec jurisprudence.


The company goes green

Julie Roy instigated the greening of the company in 2003, supported by Gaétan Laliberté. Both firmly believed that the company served as an example for others, and had become the benchmark for high-quality, environmentally-friendly services. As a pioneer in this field, the company has introduced a number of practical ways to protect the environment that have since become the new standard in the industry.


A second succession: Women Owned!

The successful transfer of the family-owned business to a third generation had a dual impact at ROY. Not only is Julie Roy (daughter of Jean-Yves Roy and granddaughter of Guy Roy) the successor who will ensure the company’s survival, she is also the first woman to take the reins of the company. Since her arrival, the company has been certified and authenticated as: Women Owned

One name. A company that has stood the test of time

With the expertise of over 60 years in the commercial cleaning sector across Quebec, Les Services Ménagers Roy, the company founded by Guy Roy, has stood the test of time. Guy Roy, the father of the company, and his son Jean-Yves Roy were always innovators in their industry. They always invested in human resources, because they firmly believed in it. As pioneers in the use of environmentally-friendly products, Les Services Ménagers Roy was the first company in Quebec to combine high-quality services and environmental responsibility.
Later, under the leadership of Jean-Yves Roy, Les Services Ménagers Roy became Groupe SMR, which offered a full spectrum of services through five specialized subsidiaries:  Les Services Ménagers Roy, Services Après-Sinistre Roy, Gestion Technique d’Immeubles Roy (G.T.I. Roy), Services d’Extermination Roy and Triosystème.
Now under the leadership of Julie Roy, the company that has long since proven its worth has simply become ROY. With over 1,500 employees across Quebec, the company’s vision is to become the best employer in Canada by 2024. 

From les Services Ménagers Roy to Groupe SMR, it has always been ROY.

Services Ménagers Roy

Services Ménagers Roy 

Since its creation in 1954, Les Services Ménagers Roy has offered a full range of commercial cleaning services through the subsidiary ROY Cleaning. The company has cutting edge professional equipment and performs rigorous quality control at various stages of its service, to deliver full satisfaction to our diverse customer base.
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GTI Roy 

The subsidiary Gestion technique d’immeubles Roy is a trusted partner in the maximization of your property’s value. The team at G.T.I. Roy  has strong expertise in building technical management. G.T.I. Roy still offers a full range of services focused on technical maintenance, building operation and building technical management through the new subsidiary ROY Maintenance.
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Services Après-Sinistre Roy

Services Après-Sinistre Roy 

The subsidiary Services Après-Sinistre Roy now ROY Post-disaster offers comprehensive post-disaster services for businesses, industries and homes. S.A.S. ROY has teams on call to serve you day and night, 24/7. SAS Roy has estimators who will listen to you and attend to your needs, and trained maintenance technicians who will take care of everything that needs to be done, in the shortest possible time.
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