Gestion Technique d’Immeuble Roy is now: ROY Maintenance

G.T.I. Roy’s mission
Our subsidiary Gestion Technique d’Immeubles Roy (G.T.I. Roy) is now ROY Management.
Gestion Technique d’Immeubles Roy – a trusted partner in the maximization of the value of your commercial, industrial or institutional building.
With extensive expertise in building technical management, the multidisciplinary team at Gestion Technique d’Immeubles Roy offers a full range of building maintenance, operation and management services with the goal of: 
  • Optimizing the comfort of occupants
  • Extending the operating life of your building’s electromechanical systems and architectural elements
  • Minimizing your energy consumption
  • Maximizing environmentally-friendly practices and sustainable development based on green building criteria

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